Kangaroo Jack 2003

Kangaroo Jack (2003) คนซ่าส์ล่าจิงโจ้แสบ

Kangaroo Jack In the year 1982 in Brooklyn is where a boy named Charlie Carbone is about to become the step-son of a criminal boss named Salvatore Maggio. Frankie Lombardo, the mobster’s apprentice, tries to drown Charlie. But Louis Booker, a boy helps him, and they soon become close friends.

Charlie has his own salon, twenty years later. Sal’s henchmen take 80% of the salon’s profits and barely leave him with enough cash to maintain the. When they fail in their mission of hiding some stolen televisions, Sal gives Charlie and Louis one more chance. Following the instructions of Frankie the pair are instructed to deliver the package to a person known as Mr. Smith in Coober Pedy, Australia. Frankie warns them not to open the package, and she gives them Mr. Smith’s phone number. Sal had cancelled their return flight without their knowledge. Louis finds $50,000 when he opens the suitcase at the airport.

Charlie and Louis hire a car and drive to Coober Pedy following landing in Australia. Along their way they crash into an red kangaroo. Louis thinks it is dead and puts his jacket and sunglasses on the kangaroo. He then poses for photographs as a joke, saying the kangaroo looks like one of Sal’s his henchmen. The kangaroo is suddenly conscious, kicks Charlie, and hops away with the $50,000 inside the jacket. Charlie and Louis take chase however they crash the vehicle and the kangaroo is eluded. Kangaroo Jack HD

In a bar located in Alice Springs, Louis is able to contact Mr. Smith and tries to describe their situation. Mr. Smith, however, believes they have stolen his bag and threatens to kill Louis and Charlie. Sal receives a phone call from Mr. Smith in New York complaining that Charlie and Louis aren’t here. Sal sends Frankie along with a group of henchmen Australia for an investigation. Charlie and Louis attempt to retrieve the money from the Kangaroo with the help of a tranquilizer an airplane. The attempt fails when Louis accidentally shoots Blue, the pilot, and the two are stranded in the desert. They are lost for hours through the desert during which Charlie hallucinates seeing a jeep and they soon encounter an American woman named Jessie from the Outback Wildlife Foundation.

The trio followed the kangaroo to Todd River to try to catch it again using Bolas. But, Louis fails to capture the kangaroo because insects crawled all over his pants. Charlie starts to feel for Jessie and waits for another chance to capture the kangaroo. Soon, Mr. Smith and his henchmen arrive to take the trio captive. Charlie and Louis overcome them, but Frankie discovers the trio and is determined to take them down. The kangaroo appears, causing an fist fight between Mr. Smith’s henchmen as well as Frankie’s crew, who outmatch them. This distraction allows Charlie, Louis, and Jessie to escape. The chase ends with the two of them chased by the kangaroo, while Frankie and his gang chase them. Charlie narrowly saves Louis when he attempts to get the money from the kangaroo. Charlie is attempting to transfer the money over to Frankie, but the latter is furious and admits that Sal took the money to Australia to pay for their own execution at the Smith’s hands. Smith. The police team led by an undercover officer (disguised as an Outback guide) arrive to arrest Frankie as well as Mr. Smith, and their accomplices. Charlie returns Louis’ jacket from the Kangaroo.

Charlie and Jessie were married a year later. They used Sal’s $50,000 to create an all-new line of products for hair care featuring a kangaroo logo. Frankie and Mr. Smith and their men were imprisoned for the rest of their lives . This was a punishment Sal did not escape. The kangaroo now dubbed “Kangaroo Jack” is revealed to live happily in the Outback. Jack is now able to speak and explains the reason why the film has to end with him. The film’s final scene is concluded with his rendition of Porky Pig of the famous catchy catchy line “That’s all, blokes!”

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