Batman: Death in the Family 2020

Death in the Family

Death in the Family

Death in the Family is an interactive film. The user will be presented with a choice option and has ten second to choose or default. The average length of the film runs 95 minutes. There are at least nine alternative story paths. Two paths lead to the same or similar ending. There are 7 alternate endings. Batman: Death in the Family HD

Believing that Jason Todd is becoming too aggressive in his criminal slaying, Batman decides to take him off his duties as Robin and, furious, Jason forsakes Batman and quits Gotham City. They reunite in Bosnia to take on the Joker and Ra’s al Ghul as they work together to steal enough uranium so that they can create dirty bombs that are radioactive. Batman stops Ra’s al Ghul’s men in transferring the uranium to the border. The Joker takes Robin and brutally beats him using a crowbar. He leaves him in an explosion-proof warehouse.

Jason strives to fulfill his pledge to Bruce not to kill criminals he fights. To attract the Joker’s attention, Jason adopts the Clown Prince of Crime’s prior persona of the Red Hood and wages a bloody battle against Gotham’s criminal underworld. He eventually manages to bring Joker back from hiding and fights against him in a fight. Jason’s transformation is so exciting that Joker declares that Jason is his more powerful successor than Batman. Jason who had been hiding his past memories of killing criminals, is shocked to realize what Jason has done. The viewers can decide if Jason chooses to Spare the Joker or Kill the Joker (anyway).

Red Hood is a wanted escapee Red Hood is wanted as a fugitive, and Dick and the police pursue the suspect. Jason is confronted by Talia and Bruce Wayne, who are sitting on the top of the Wayne Industries tower. Talia tells Jason that she revived Bruce by using the Lazarus Pit. However, Bruce is no longer able to speak Zurh. Talia offers Jason the opportunity to be a part of the League of Shadows. However, Jason declines and is fought by Batman. The viewer decides if Jason fights Batman until death, or tries and save him.

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